Union College Students Reflect on Time Spent in Haiti

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During the week of March 15, a group of thirty Union College students have been helping people in Haiti with recovery efforts and Saturday night, the group returned home to Lincoln.

"Whenever you go to help someone, you always come away feeling like maybe you got the bigger blessing," said Union College student Kylie Schnell.

The latest Union College trip to Haiti focused on providing those living in the earthquake aftermath with basic necessities like medicine and nutrition.

Schnell said, "My goal was just to remind them of that and just to love them, especially the one who were in Port O Prince. Just giving them a hug and reminding them that lots of bad things have happened to you, but it's okay, you're a kid and we love you and we want to help you."

"The people are very accomodating. Very resiliant. Just very nice people. I feel like I was really blessed to be able to help them, to minister to them, but also for them to be able to talk to me," adds another Union College student, Jason Warren.

They say while the humanitarian effort has improved the Haitian's condition since the earthquake, the people, who live in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, are still returning to impoverished conditions.

"It was sad and a little disconcerting to realize that this new normalcy that I was seeing was actually a lot of what it was like as far as normal before the earthquake. There was still questionable sanitation, the was still a questionable water situation, and that comes with realizing Haiti was a very poor country to begin with," said student Brittany Nunez of Union College.

They went to Haiti to help those who lives were devastated by a natural disaster and yet it was they who walked away with their spirits lifted.

Schnell reflects that, "It puts life into perspective and it reminds me that I have so much to be thankful for."

"I like being able to see a difference or see that I have helped somebody and see that I made a difference in their life for the day. Even something as simple as giving balloon out to a little kid who has never seen a balloon before. That makes a difference in their world, for today. And hopefully that will help them have a better tomorrow," adds Nunez