Lance's Journal: A Little Girl's Miraculous Recovery, Mar. 29

It will be an emotional weekend for Brandon and Tiffany Verzal. This coming Saturday will mark the 2-year anniversary that their daughter was injured at a College Station, Texas daycare facility.

Alexis has made a great deal of progress since we first told you about her in May of 2008. It was a scene right out of a horror movie for the Verzal's. Their 14-month-old daughter had sustained what Police called "non-accidental" head trauma at her daycare facility. Their road to recovery led back to Nebraska.

Brandon says, "When she got to Lincoln 2 years ago in April, she couldn't see, she couldn't move her arms and legs. She couldn't talk, she obviously couldn't walk or crawl and so the progress she's made is just unbelievable." Tiffany adds, "The thing that's most exciting about Alexis's progress is that it hasn't failed yet, there are still days or weeks when a therapist or a doctor or whomever it is that looks at me and goes, 'I didn't think we were going to ever see this and it happens all the time with her right hand and her fingers moving and things like that but it's we didn't really think that she was going to see, and now she can see."

And what is also very important is the 3-years old's ability to communicate, "We are thankful for that every single day." These days, Alexis can't stop talking. Her Mom says, "She goes through the store and says 'I want this and I want that,' and then she usually gets it because we're like thank God that she can tell us that she wants it!"

Brandon says Alexis is still going to therapy 5 days a week, "She doesn't fight it. She knows that what she's doing is helping to make her better and she's determined to do those things to help make her better. I mean for a 3-year old to do that it's just unheard of and she does it every day."

On the legal side, In November, after a month-long trial, the day-care provider was found not guilty of causing serious bodily injury to a child. The Verzal's have chosen to accept the verdict, move on and concentrate on their daughter's rehab.