9-Year-Old Girl Stands Out From Other Exhibitors at Cattle Show

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Livestock exhibitions always draw big crowds to the Five Points Bank Arena. Exhibitors from across the state of Nebraska come to show their animals.

Wednesday was the open class beef cattle show and exhibitors proudly stood next to their cattle. But one exhibitor stood out from the rest, simply because of her size.

Kasey Meyer is only 9-years-old and from Blue Hill. She says she got involved because of her older sister.

"I have two breeding heifers. My big one's name is Bentley. I just really like her and it was kind of harder since she was like older and she had less hair so it was harder to get her ready," said Meyer.

Meyer says she's happy with how she placed in the competition and was glad to have her family's support. Like many kids, she is excited to enjoy the fair now that she's done with the competition.