Lance's Journal: Hastings Make-A-Wish, Apr. 28

At Children's Hospital in Omaha, Hannah Copley is known as "the paparazzi" since the outgoing 8-year-old is always taking pictures and making videos. And the medical staff has gotten to know this brave little girl really well, because she's spent literally half her life in the hospital.

Hannah Copley loves to entertain, despite battling illness most of her life. Her mom Beckie says, "She lost her hair for three years, very tiny, very tiny."

Last August, after a very long search, Beckie says her daughter was diagnosed with a very rare disease that causes Hannah's body to reject her own organs, mainly her intestines and stomach. The disease makes it impossible to tolerate any kind of food.

And that's why Hannah has a rolling ladybug bag full of feeding pumps that has become her permanent companion. She hasn't eaten food through her mouth since last June. But through it all, she's stayed strong, "You can't get through a day no matter how sick she is without smilin' and laughin'.

This little comedian is only a second grader, but she does love her hi-tech toys, and that's why Make-A-Wish sent her on a whirlwind shopping spree that can only be described as, "Awesome. Because I got to shop!"

Beckie says, "It was great, I'd never seen her like that, I never knew she had it in her. She is definitely everything you could imagine a girl with $4,500 would be."

From a laptop, to a camera to a karaoke machine, Hannah knows how to shop...and appreciate the world around her. Beckie says, "I couldn't be prouder! She's very smart, she's taught me so much about life."

Hannah's been through a lot in her 8 years of life, her mom says she's undergone nearly 30 surgeries. But all she does is battle back!

And it's the incredible people at Make-A-Wish that help kids get through all of those hard times. For further information on how you can make a donation or volunteer your time, call 800-760-WISH or log onto

To learn more about Hannah visit her website...