Little Boy Blue

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A brick monument near the town of Chester was knocked down in a storm last year. But it will be rebuilt as the town continues to honor the memory of the Little Boy in Blue.

The little boy was nine-year-old Daniel Stutzman, a child wearing blue pajamas found dead in a field on a Christmas Eve nearly 20 years ago.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is providing five-thousand dollars to rebuild the monument.

Legacy, and economic development group is the town of 294 people, is heading the rebuilding effort.

The body of the boy was found in 1985 but it took police two years to finally identify him.

The people of Chester during that time named the boy Matthew, which means a gift of God. They took care of his last rites as if he had been born in that town.

Eventually, they learned more about the boy and found he was left in the field by his father, who apparently panicked when he discovered his son had died in the vehicle.

Stutzman served time in the Nebraska State Penitentiary in Lincoln for child neglect and later was convinced of the murder of a friend in Texas.