Update: A GI Man Injured in a 2009 Shooting is Facing a Murder Charge

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A Grand Island man has been charged with murder, following a shooting at a local convenience store.

Arkanjelo Kot, 33, of 619 Yund Street Apartment 1, is charged with first degree murder and use of a firearm to commit a felony. He appeared in Hall County Court Thursday morning via camera from the county jail.

Authorities say he killed 17-year-old Walid Omar Aden, following an argument at a Pump & Pantry at 704 West 2nd Street.

"It was a homicide that occurred apparently as an outgrowth of previous issues within the community," said Hall County Attorney Mark Young.

Witnesses say Arkanjelo was angry because a defendant did not appear in court after an August 2009 murder at Autumn Woods Apartments. Kot was injured in that shooting and a family member, Nyuol Majak Angok Mathok, was killed.

After an argument about the incident, Young says Kot reached into a car and shot passenger Aden while the teen tried to escape into the back seat.

Neighbors of 223 1/2 South Sycamore Street, say around 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, police, fire, and ambulances descended on the neighborhood. The call was for a gun shot wound.

Aden had been taken to the location, although Young said he couldn't say how Aden got to Sycamore Street.

"We were out here [Wednesday] night eyes wide open, just shocked. He was just laying in the grass there," said neighbor Mike Depue. "When the ambulance guys took him out, his arms were just limp at his sides. It didn't look very good."

"The individual was taken to Saint Francis Hospital. Attempts were made to save his life, but were unsuccessful," said Young.

Depue was relieved to hear the shooting didn't happen in his neighborhood, but says the incident is still unsettling.

"It's scary any time somebody, especially a young kid like that get shot," he said.

Since the incident is still under investigation authorities say they won't release more details at this time, including information about Kot's arrest.

According to jail records Kot was arrested at 309 Hedde St. #8 shortly before 4:00 a.m. Thursday.

Kot's bond was set at $1 million. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 13th.