Full House for Gun Violence Panel at UNL

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Guns kill 58,000 Americans every two years. Tuesday night, seven panelists, all with different perspectives, gathered to discuss the problem and possible solutions.

Sirens blare and police lights pierce the darkness. Worried neighbors watch as paramedics carry victims into an ambulance. It's a typical scene when someone gets shot. Tuesday night, finding a way to end the violence in the streets starts in a lecture hall.

"This is an issue of grave concern for the nation. I think it's important that people realize there's different perspectives on the issue," said Eric Berger, a UNL Law Professor.

In this case, getting together might help the community come together on the issue.

"Public events are important. They synergize conversation around a tough issue," said Susan Swearer, a UNL Psychology Professor.

All aspects were fair game. From the physical violence, to legal ramifications.

"It's clear from precedent that there is a constitutional right bare arms. It's clear it's not an absolute right," Berger said.

The issue packed the hall and fueled the conversation.

"I know there's not one right answer in the debate. I'm curious to see what a psychology professor might think or law professor might think," said Molly Mahannah, a UNL Senior.

Panelists hope education is a path towards peaceful streets.

"We really hope through education we help people think about this issue from a broader perspective and not just a personal one," said Swearer.