A Tough Spring Season for Those with Allergies

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As flowers and trees start to bloom across Nebraska, allergy sufferers are starting to feel the uncomfortable symptoms.

Mel Robinson is retired now, but he used to run a landscaping business in Oklahoma.

"I would be working and trying to bag leaves or whatever and I would start sneezing,” said Robinson. “It wasn't a nightmare, but it was uncomfortable."

Robinson says seasonal allergies slow him down, and the main culprit for him is pollen.

“I never actually bought anything,” said Robinson. “I just kind of put up with it.”

Tree pollen counts have been high lately, and doctors say it could be because everything is blooming at once.

"It’s likely due to the long drawn out winter we've had,” said Charly Riecken, a nurse practitioner at Urgent Care in North Platte. “Things didn't thaw out until last month."

Health care providers at Urgent Care are used to treating patients for seasonal allergies, but say this year has been extra busy.

“We've seen more patients than we usually do,” said Riecken. “It's been a tough season for allergies.”

They say there are a few ways to alleviate some of those pesky side effects such as over the-counter-sinus rinses and non-drowsy allergy medication.