A Christmas Miracle for a Mother of Five

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Call it a Christmas Miracle. It all started when 85-year-old Joe Mach made his daily trek to a convenience store to buy a lottery ticket, all the while befriending the clerk behind the counter, Kelly Martin.

She has five kids including a newborn and she wasn't going to have Christmas. Joe and his family found a way to give it to her.

"All she wanted was baby diapers. She said she wasn't going to have a Christmas and I said we'll help you with Christmas," said Janella Eisentarger of Sheridan Lutheran Church.

The help came in the form of a Christmas tree, toys, and clothes for the kids.

Kelly says, "I can't thank everybody enough. Thank you for the help."

And the largest gift of them all, a car donated by an anonymous church member.

"I got a car. it's such a blessing," said Kelly.

"Her prime worry was about getting the rent paid."

"I can take them out to see Christmas lights. That would be awesome.

Kelly will get her car next week.