A Christmas Random Act of Kindness

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While many soldiers returned home to their loved ones for Christmas, not everyone is as lucky. There are still thousands of service members spending their holiday overseas, away from their families. But one local group of men wants to make their family's Christmas a little brighter.

Christmas shopping, some love it, others avoid it. But these men are stocking up on stocking stuffers for two families they don't even know.

"It pays off to do good things and we could use a little more goodwill," said Troy Knox.

They're sending gifts to the families of local soldiers who are stationed overseas.
Lance Rinne

"Just what they do for us," said Lance Rinne. "This doesn't even touch what they do for us. Hopefully we can make the kids' Christmas a little better and the military persons Christmas a little better."

"It tugs at your heart strings that they can't be there," said Troy.

Troy and his buddies came up with the idea for their Random Acts of Kindness group. The goal is simple, and it comes from the heart.

"Just make their holidays a little brighter," said Troy. "Maybe a little bit of a connection. It's not going to bring their families here, but maybe a little bit of a connection."

"It's going to make them ecstatic," said Pat Norris. "To not be able to be with your entire family and then to have these gifts you've wanted show up on Christmas morning, it's going to be nice."

Each member of the group contributes around $20 a month, or whatever they can chip in. Although they're in the spirit of giving, around the holidays money can be tight.

"Sometimes I feel that way," said Lance. "But the fact of the matter is if you continue to give you shall continue to receive, I firmly believe that."

"(It) just kind of shows a little bit of money gathered here and there adds up," said Jayde Knox.

So armed with a few hundred bucks and a shopping cart they go about their business

"It's an awesome feeling when you do something for someone," said Troy. "Whether they need it or not it just brightens their day. It just feels good to do something for other people."

Spreading holiday cheer to two lucky service members' families.

This year the Random Acts of Kindness group provided presents for two families, but they hope to expand. If you'd like to join their group you can check out their Facebook page for more information.