Gun Owner Rights Put in Spotlight After Weekend Shooting

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- A shooting incident on Sunday brings to light what rights gun owners have when dealing with an intruder.

Early Sunday, police say a suspected car-thief was shot seven times by an 18-year-old after trying to steal a car.

So far no charges have been filed. 10/11 was told police and prosecutors are still trying to sort this incident out. Nebraska's laws do allow you to fire a weapon if you feel threatened.

"You don't have a duty to retreat from your home if an intruder breaks in, however you can only use deadly force against that intruder if you have a good faith belief that you're about to be seriously injured or killed," said criminal defense attorney Jeremy Parsley.

Parsley also says you can use the amount of force you think will be used against you by the intruder. But if you step out of your house, you do have to show some sort of retreat from the intruder if you are going to shoot at them.

But Parsley says these laws can be ambiguous. "There's certainly some gray area there, it can be kind of difficult to determine. One: how much force can be used against you. Particularly if it's night and you're concerned of your safety. There can be many misinterpretations as to what force the intruder is using against you."

As to what's going to happen in this case, that remains to be seen.