Ag Land Value Raised 40 Percent

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Hall County Assessor Jan Pelland said she had to raise the value of agricultural land 40 percent across the board, which includes irrigated, dry crop and pasture land. But this has the Farm Bureau President concerned.

Land in the county has to be valued between 69 and 75 percent and at the beginning of the year when pelland reviewed the market sales, she said they weren't even hitting 50 percent. So she worked with a liaison from the property tax division in Lincoln and made the 40 percent raise to get the numbers where they need to be.

One acre of primarily irrigated land, priced at $3,535 last year, now costs $5090.

The Farm Bureau President says this increase affects businesses and taxes for farmers.

Steve Nelson, President of the Nebraska Farm Bureau, "What we're seeing right now is lower grain prices than what we've had in the last few years...we do have some higher livestock prices, but certainly a concern with profitability in agriculture overall is a concern and when you complicate that with higher and higher property taxes which we've seen for a number of years in a row here and it's a major concern and a major expense."

Farm Bureau President, Steve Nelson says he wants to encourage people to raise their concerns and ask questions, in an effort to change the system.