Airline Prices Out of Lincoln are Cheaper

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Lincoln, NE-- According to AAA Travel, if you were to fly out of Lincoln six months ago, you might have had to fork out hundreds more than if you were fly out of Omaha. Now, the gap in price is narrowing down and travelers are excited.

Jung Li is heading to New York for a business trip. Li says when he booked his flight, he always compares prices.

“I always watch my money, and buy the cheapest airplane tickets,” said Li.

When looking at what airport to fly out of, Li had to decide between the two cities. Finally, he decided on Lincoln because it was cheaper.

According to Lincoln Airport Authorities, tickets being cheaper have not been the case for the airport. Fortunately, for Li and other flyers, the prices in the Capital City have changed.

“On average over past year across all flights offered that gap has narrowed to about 25 to 30 dollars and in some cases you’ll find airfares offered out of here to particular locations will be cheaper,” said John Wood, Lincoln Airport Authority.

Even with the price differences, cheap is not always guaranteed. AAA Travel says the earlier people book their tickets, the better their chances are at getting good deals.

“The prices are subject to change because they can come in an hour, and later and it can be a different price,” said Mailyn Muir, AAA field manager.

What Airport officials now say is to think twice before buying your seat.

“All we ask if you’re planning your trip check Lincoln first because you are going to be surprised at how competitive prices are,” said Wood.

For Li, he says he’s happy to fly at a reasonable price and travel from his home city.

The ticket prices are determined by the airline companies.