American Cancer Society's Relay for Life - Why Do You Walk?

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Mom, Dad, brother, sister, friend, neighbor, coworker; so many people are affected by cancer in some way. As part of our coverage of Relay for Life at Haymarket Park Saturday, we spoke with many in attendance and asked them the simple question, 'why do you walk?'

"I walk to raise money all year round for people that are fighting cancer now, people who fought cancer in the past, and for the survivors - to remember what we've went through, and the walk that it takes to get where we are everyday."

"I walk because I'm a survivor. I'm 36 and I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35, so I'm just finishing up treatment and am cancer-free!"

"I walk because of my grandma who died of cancer five years ago."

"I walk because I've lost two family members to cancer. My oldest sister died 7 or 8 years ago, and then my children - their father died of cancer. Then, my youngest daughter, now 35, five years ago heard those awful words 'You have breast cancer'."

"I walk because I've had past relatives pass away from cancer on both sides of my family. I do it for them and hope one day there is a cure for cancer, so no more of my relatives have to pass away."

"I walk in honor of my cousin. She died of brain cancer. She got diagnosed when she was pregnant, made it through her pregnancy, lived five years, and then died. So that's when I started relaying."

"Three of my six siblings have been diagnosed with cancer, most recently my sister who has breast cancer and had a double masectomy."

"I walk because my mom has survived breast cancer twice. And a couple years ago, I weighed 387 pounds, and I went on my first breast cancer walk with my mom. I was only able to walk one lap. I decided if my mom can fight for her life, I can do the same thing. I used to weigh 387 pounds and now I weigh 236."

"I have survived breast cancer twice. Today as you see me, two time survivor, doing great and loving every day of life."

"I walk for my daughter, Shannon. She died of cancer in 2011, and I don't ever want anybody to go through what I've gone through. Children shouldn't die from cancer, let alone people."

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us.
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