American Heart Association's 'Go Red' Challenge Enters Its 5th Week

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Ah, grocery shopping. Some people love it, others hate it. It's a lot of work when you're trying to eat healthy. Finding the time to get fresh fruits and vegetables every few days, or even taking the time to read those nutrition labels on everything you buy.

Well, that's where Madonna ProActive dietitian Katie Bolte comes in. She had the 'Better U-Go Red' Challenge ladies meet her at a HyVee for the 3rd meeting, on September 10th.

Katie took the ladies through the store, pointing out what to look for - and what to really avoid. The most interesting part were the little tidbits and facts she shared throughout the tour. Did you know that you should separate bananas to keep them ripe longer? And chicken thigh meat is less healthy than the breast meat? And she put the rumor to rest about sawdust being added to shredded cheese! (It's powdered cellulose, which you consume daily in fruits and vegetables.)

The ladies met at Holmes Lake Park for the meeting on September 17th for their second group exercise with trainer Karen O'Shea. The ladies vigorously walked around 2.5 miles in 45 minutes.

Karen suggests following the American Heart Association's guidelines for exercise: 30 minutes of moderate cardio, 5 days per week or 25 minutes of vigorous cardio, 3 days per week. And, resistance training should be done two times per week on non-consecutive days.