An Inside Look At Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries

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In January a handful of medical marijuana shops in Colorado will start selling recreational marijuana, which means people from out of state can buy a certain amount of pot including Nebraskans.

In a unique location off the beaten path, in the mile high city of Denver, with bullet proof glass, high security, and a major grow operation you'll find Fox Street Wellness.

"We grow organically and veganic marijuana for medical patients," said Manager Dylan Hunter.

Hunter says the business opened about a year and a half ago and says ever since many patients they serve have found wellness, but the dispensary could see even more patients next year.

Fox Street Wellness will likely start selling recreational marijuana not only to Coloradoans but to others from outside the state too like Nebraskans.

"I think it's going to be a huge demand and it's going to be a huge increase in flow of patients," said Hunter.

Josh Behling who manages a dispensary two hours south of Denver in Pueblo says he knows about the demand all too well.

"I see 20 to 30 calls a day from out of state people whether it's Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas," said Behling.

Behling says once they sell recreational they'll have to expand their grow facility to keep up with demand.

"We average 50 to 60 patients a day," said Behling.

Demand could easily double, or even triple dispensary managers say it's hard to tell, but one thing that's clear there is still some risk involved.

Although marijuana for some purposes is legal in Colorado it's still illegal on a federal level, and in almost every state.
Some shops say they'll put warning labels on the packaging.

"Letting them know in big bold print that transporting marijuana of any kind across state line is an instant federal felony," said Behling.

For now these shops say it's a growing business and they're interested to see what happens in this new found industry of medical and recreational marijuana.