Animal Control Searches for Large Cat

"Holy crap! That thing is big! I've never seen anything like that," said Mikala Norgaard, after she saw the picture of a large cat.

The cat was spotted in Lincoln on Thursday near 66th and Vine, but people are still talking.

Norgaard thinks the cat should be caught and taken away from the area.

"There's a lot of kids around here, and there's a park right here," she said, "I don't know about killing it, but at least get it."

That's exactly what Animal Control is trying to do. Although, they do not consider it a potentially dangerous animal.

"We have set a trap, like we would in any other case," said Mike Beal, Division Manager of Animal Control. "That's not always a 100 percent guarantee, but we are trying to do that to learn more about the animal."

Animal Control has said the cat is a Bengal cat, but won't know for sure unless they take a closer look.

The cat has created a buzz on social media and throughout the city.

"It's a pretty big cat for this area," said Chris Zierott. "It looks like a bob cat."

Some are concerned, while others are in awe.

Stephanie Longwell works at Gate Park Apartments. She has seen the cat before and isn't concerned.

"He looks bigger than the last time I saw him," said Longwell. "It looks like a leopard/mountain lion. It's a really gorgeous, beautiful cat, but it's afraid of people so you're not going to get it to come to you."

Either way, Animal Control will continue to search.

"We don't believe that it has a collar or tag. If somebody owns this cat or is concerned about it, we would encourage that owner to call us," said Beal.