Apartment Building Owner Vows to Make Repairs for Tenants

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Changes are taking place for several residents of an apartment building in Lincoln who claim they live in substandard conditions.

Some residents of the apartment building, located at the 1200 block of E Street, say they lived with damaged walls and ceilings, old carpets, and mild mold.

"This was a lot better than the other apartment," said tenant Paul Eagleton. "And that's why I moved over here."

Eagleton now lives in a different unit in the same building, he says there are still many problems but is happy that the owner is paying for the repairs.

The owner, Mike Wilson, lives in Florida and is unable to make regular visits to the building. He says if he would have known about the problems they would have been taken care of.

A complaint from one former tenant lead the Lincoln Housing Department and the Lincoln, Lancaster County Health Department to the buildings doorstep.

The departments found a several needed repairs. Wilson said most of them are fixed.

It is unclear if the building violated any health codes and the Health Department would not comment on the matter.

Wilson has until March 27 to finish the repairs. His maintenance worker, John Mohrhofm said he'll finish on time, if not before.