Appropriate Age to Talk to Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

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Chris Hansen from the First Presbyterian Church knows the pressures kids face today from sex, drugs and now K2, temptation is all over.

"It boils down to the support system a kid has," said Youth Pastor Chris Hansen.

Hansen says that support and the conversations should really start in elementary school.

"Continue that dialogue as they go through middle school and high school. Hope that by that time they've learned something and will make good choices by themselves," said Hansen.

Choices like not trying K2, as State Senators try to keep the drug makers from skirting the law.

Hansen says having an up front conversation about the side effects of seizures and hallucinations is the best way to keep it out of your kid's hands.

"I think it's important that those conversations start in the home and are supported by other important trusted adults in the kids lives," said Hansen.

Prevention now, that saves lives down the road.