Aurora Police Investigate Death

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9-1-1 rescue responded to a home in Aurora during the day on October 2nd. Officials say they found an unresponsive individual who is now being identified as 59-year-old Debra Miller.

Hamilton County Attorney Michael Powell says multiple law enforcement agencies were called to assist with the scene, something that is not protocol. He says extra measures were taken as a result of an incident that happened at the home several hours prior to Miller's death.

"There was a domestic assault the night before and both issues are still under investigation," said Powell.

The domestic assault resulted in the arrest of Miller's husband that night. Several hours later, Mrs. Miller was found unresponsive and rescue personnel arrived on scene. Officials say, at this time, it does not appear that the assault caused Miller's death.

Powell says they are not treating the case as a homicide. He said, "Right now the autopsy has been complete. The indications are the death was of natural causes and we're waiting on the toxicology report, which I'm guessing will be a six week wait."

The County Attorney's Office says, both matters are being investigated, but as separate cases.