Aurora's A'ROR'N Days Celebrates 25 Years

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AURORA, Neb. -- A'ROR'N Days was started as a way to help grow the business district of Aurora and was projected to be celebrated for 10 years. This year is the 25th Anniversary.

"We think our town's unique and we think it deserves some recognition, a time for people to come back and reflect on their days here, see what progress has been economically, in all aspects," said Jim McHargue, the President of the 2014 A'ROR'N Days Committee.

Saturday hundreds to thousands of people were in the town square celebrating Aurora with food, games, and the big parade. And with all these activities, people who haven't been to Aurora in years are flocking back to the city of about 5,000.

"I have not been back in probably 5 years to Aurora, but it's our 10 year high school reunion this year so we did a float and participated with the Splash of Magic theme with our squirt guns and threw candy and they have all these vendors here and it's wonderful, it's great," said Lakin Kohl, who now lives in Omaha but grew up in Aurora.

With many people just like Kohl returning, the city almost doubles in size every year during the four days.

McHargue said, "We bring in approximately 2,000-3,000 each year. It generally is centered on alumni and friends and past residents and residents of Hamilton County."

Thanks to all those visitors, Mayor Marlin Seeman knows A'ROR'N Days is still benefiting the businesses it was designed to help.

Mayor Seeman said, "The business benefits when you go and say, 'Well, while we're here let's go ahead and go into that business and see what's going on and maybe shop a little bit."

And as business grows for these shops, so does the celebration.

"This is my 12th one. So I guess I should think back of how it's changed but not changed. There are more people, there's more activities, there's more food, there's more fun. The events are a little bit different, it's gone from being kind of a booster club from old days to more of a reunion type activities," said Mayor Seeman.

A'ROR'N Days wrapped up Sunday with a 40 mile bike ride, animal adventures, and the "Magic of Quilts" quilt show.