Investigation Concludes Dad Kills Daughter in Murder-Suicide in Burwell

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Law enforcement officials have concluded their investigation into the shooting deaths of two year old Aimee Melling and her father, 31 year old Christopher Melling of Burwell.

The two bodies were discovered January 7, 2014, when police entered the family home in Burwell in response to neighbors' safety concerns.

Final autopsy results confirmed earlier reports that both individuals died as the result of shotgun wounds. Investigators concluded that Aimee was killed by her father, who then took his own life. The deaths have been ruled a homicide and a suicide, respectively.

Nebraska State Patrol investigators headed the inquiry into circumstances surrounding the deaths, in cooperation with Burwell Police and the Garfield County Sheriffs' Office.

At the request of Garfield County Attorney Dale Crandall, results of the investigation were submitted for review by independent prosecutor Glenn Clark. No criminal charges have been filed as a result of the incident.

Although the investigation has officially ended, anyone with further information about the case should contact Burwell Police or the Nebraska State Patrol.