Avoiding Brain Drain During Summer Break

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LINCOLN, Neb. It's summer and the last thing kids probably want to think about is school.

However, educators say it's important for kids to keep their brains going with academics.

They suggest doing activities like reading, writing, drawing, coloring, and puzzles to keep kids thinking like they would during the school year.

Educators also recommend that parents start limiting TV and video game time as it gets closer to the first day of school.

"There is some research that shows there is some learning loss that occurs during the summer. Kids can lose up to 2 to 3 months of learning over the summer and so we really just encourage parents to do as much activities as they can over the summer to keep the kids engaged," LPS Special Education Education Supervisor Jill Timmons said.

Timmons suggests two weeks before school starts, parents should start getting their kids back on a routine.

Parents should get bed and meal times back on a regular schedule and start gradually waking kids up earlier so they will be ready for school.

They should also locate a space in the home that will be used to do homework.