UPDATE: Crews Contain Grass Fire, Prevent 'Millions' in Damages

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Lincoln, Neb.-- Lincoln Fire and Rescue crews battled a grass fire inside Lincoln for about two hours Saturday afternoon.

The flames started around 4:00 p.m. at 200 and West A Streets, near South Folsom St.

Crews said they didn't know what started the flames, but that high wind gusts quickly spread the fire across a large dry, grassy area between West A and South Folsom.

LFR said they had to take a defensive position to contain the fire, and around 6:00 p.m., they said the fire was under control. They said they would be on scene for at least another hour watering down the area to prevent any rekindling later.

LFR Battalion Chief Eric Jones said they're still investigating what may have started it all. Jones said they actually had crews on their way out, to assist some rural fire groups battling other grass fires, but that they had to reroute back to Lincoln.

Jones also said it was a Stage 3 alarm, which rarely happens in Lincoln. Approximately 20 different vehicles and other apparatus were there to stop the fire. He said typical fire calls in the city are only a Stage 1.

Portions of West A and South Folsom Streets were shut down for parts of the afternoon and evening, and the railroad tracks that run nearby were closed while crews did their work.

No one was injured to Jones' knowledge, and he said some property of a nearby business was damaged, but that all structures were OK.

This was one of several reported grass fires in the Lancaster County area Saturday.