Syracuse Church Destroyed in Fire

Courtesy: 10/11 Viewer, Patty
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Syracuse, NE-- Firefighters battle a fire at the United Methodist Church in Syracuse, Nebraska.

Multiple fire crews have tamed a fire at Syracuse United Methodist Church. Syracuse Public Works said that the fire pulled much of the water from the city water tower, but there is no threat that it will run out. Utility crews turned on a second water well pump to help supply the tower with water.

The water used to hose down the fire caused downtown streets to freeze and snow plows were seen working on the roads, pushing water and chunks of ice. Crews spent several hours removing chunks of ice from the storm drain system to help drain the standing water in the streets. Syracuse Public works said that once the fire is put out and water stops flowing, they will pour a chemical on the roads to melt the ice.

Anyone traveling in the downtown Syracuse area is urged to use caution.

The fire was discovered by a local Boy Scout group preparing for a meeting just after 6:30 p.m. Sunday. When they saw the church was on fire they notified fire officials.

Syracuse Mayor K.C. Ortiz said when he arrived at the fire it was going through the ceiling and spread until a wall on the east side of the building collapsed.

Ortiz said this was one of the largest and oldest buildings in the town and it is a sad day for all the residents.