Bacon Prices Soar As Demand Heats Up

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Lincoln, Neb. Bacon is a very popular meat during this time of year. However, pork producers struggle to keep up with the high demand.

Terry O'Neel is a hog farmer near the town of Friend, Neb. and says it's hard to match the high demand of the meat because of the drought Nebraska suffered through last year.

"High corn prices have caused farmers to cut back a little bit on their production," said O'Neel.

Also not helping the scenario is this is the time of the year when pork production plateaus.

"We are kind of tight on supply right now. Our numbers are down, the weather is hot the pigs tend to grow slower in warm weather so we're processing less pigs at the plant. So, therefore, there's less pork available," said O'Neel.

At Ideal Grocery in Lincoln, Neb. they are seeing the product fly off their shelves.

"You're getting into tomato season and everybody's been having BLT sandwiches and we've seen an increase in people buying bacon and like I said, prices are going to be competitive," said meat manager of Ideal Grocery Robert Toy Jr.

Both Toy and O'Neel say they are hopeful the prices will drop in the near future.