Smoky Bakery Fire Temporarily Closes Grocery Store

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A fire in the Russ's Market bakery fills store with smoke, some food items were destroyed.

Just after 1:00 Saturday morning, Lincoln Fire & Rescue responded to the Russ's Market at 66th & O Streets for an alarm. Employees later called back to report a fire in the bakery area.

Acting Battallion Chief Scott Bastin said the sprinkler did its job and kept flames to a minimum. Crews were able to get the fire out quickly with an extinguisher.

Crews remained at the scene for over two hours, using fans to get the smoke out of the building.

Bastin said the size of the store made it difficult to move the air inside.

The Lancaster County Health Department said there were a number of items near the fire which will have to be thrown away due to contamination with soot and heat damage. Sugar and flour bags along with other items which were not sealed will have to be disposed of.

The deli area was the most impacted with ceiling tiles and walls missing or damaged. Some equipment can not be used until inspected or repaired, including deep fat fryers.

Fire Inspectors are working to determine the cause of the fire.