Banning E-Cigarettes at Lincoln Parks and Recreational Facilities

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Lincoln could soon add one more place where e-cigarettes are no longer welcome. This time it's to keep kids safe as they play in Lincoln's Parks and Recreation Facilities.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee created a resolution that would change the city's ban on tobacco products in city facilities to include e-cigarettes. It also now includes rec centers.

That's not to say that all city run facilities will ban those electronic cigarettes though.

City Council Member, Carl Eskridge said, "It involves most of the parks and rec facilities. Any kind of a parks and rec buildings and anything really related to children. So if you've got any playground, if you've got the nature center, the Jim Ager Golf Center for kids."

However, some golf courses and Pinewood Bowl will likely still allow e-cigarettes.

Next up for the resolution an executive order from the Mayor to make it official.