Baseball Tournament Donates Funds to Beaver Crossing Disaster Relief

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Sometimes sports can be more than just a game, it can be a safe haven for those who have suffered great losses, few know that more than the residents of Beaver Crossing and players on their Little League Baseball Team.

"I had four or five kids on the team that have no home after the tornado hit," said Beaver Crossing Coach Nick Streit.

At a baseball tournament held by Milford on Saturday, the Milford Club decided to donate all of the funds raised from this weekend's games to help the Beaver Crossing Baseball Team, who lost nearly everything in the tornado.

"We had kids lose uniforms, hats and everything else. We scrounged around and got them a bunch of uniforms and equipment," said Streit.

Most of the funds raised at the tournament are going to be used to rebuild the Beaver Crossing Baseball Field.

"Lost our ball field, the place where our kids go to have fun was completely destroyed," said Baseball Parent Aaron Collingham.

These games, will help return their diamond to the way it was.

"Our field has a big pile of rubble in right field, I'm hoping to get that removed out of there and scrape the field all down and basically build it from scratch," said Streit.

For the players and fans of Beaver Crossing, cheering on their team, was a step towards getting back to a normal life.

"They can just come out here and play and be a kid, they don't have to worry about where's my house, they can just be themselves," said Streit.