Beatrice Police Say 'Dangerous' Dog Accused of 2nd Attack Reportedly Dead

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Less than two weeks after a dog was returned to its family, Beatrice Police investigate a second attack and discover it has died.

Lamar's family say on May 24 a man reported that a woman had been bit in the face by a dog. She said she was not bit. Beatrice Police confirm the dog, Lamar, is the same dog that was recently released from the Beatrice Humane Society.

Police say Lamar had been deemed a potentially dangerous dog based on a previous alleged attack of a child. Lamar was given back to the Carman family after a court battle.

When officers contacted the Carman family, they told officers that Lamar had fallen down some stairs in their home and died earlier that day. They told police that the dog was taken to an unknown location in rural Gage County and was buried.

Beatrice Police say their investigation is ongoing.