Beatrice Family Saves Dog's Life

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BEATRICE, Neb. -- It was an emotional scene when Stephanie Carman walked her dog out of the Beatrice Humane Society for the first time in over a month.

"Instantly started crying when he was in the kennel, jumped up on the kennel and started licking me," said the Dog's Owner Stephanie Carman.

Her dog Lamar was taken to the shelter and kenneled after allegedly biting a 13 year old boy this past March, when he escaped from the families property one evening.

The Carman Family and their attorney then showed up in court, fighting charges that their yellow lab was a dangerous animal and the potential penalty of euthanization.

"I said I was going to fight until I was blue in the face and that's what I did so I'm glad we got to bring him home," said Carman.

With a settlement being made out of court, Lamar was allowed to be released back to his family, with the agreement that a micro-chip would be placed on the dog.

"We're so used to him being there, so used to playing with him everyday, so used to walking with him everyday, it hasn't been the same without him for the last 47 days," said Carman.