Beatrice Family Will Get Their Dog Back After Court Battle

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Awhile back, Lamar slightly injured a boy. Lamar was ordered to be euthanized. But today, both sides in the emotional court fight came to an agreement. And that's good news for Lamar and his family.

"It was sad just having him taken from us... from his family because he's part of the family," says Lamar's owner, Stephanie Carman.

That was the tone Thursday afternoon after court adjourned with no decision. Friends and family joined Carman. They wore "Free Lamar" shirts.

It all began when Lamar was removed from the family's home at the end of March and set to be euthanized. The dog bit a 13-year-old boy, who was a neighbor, in the leg. As to what actually led to the bite is still unclear.

Beatrice Police Chief, Bruce Lang, told 10/11, "I made the decision, what I was thought was in the best interest of the community. Some other little child is walking down the sidewalk, he shouldn't have to worry about being attacked by this dog or any other dog."

However, when court got out around noon Thursday, the family's attorney told 10/11 he planned to talk to the city's attorney and see if they could work some kind of resolution out before it was drawn out any further.

And, yes, they did work out a resolution in those few hours. In a phone call to the family around 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon, they said Lamar is going to be micro-chipped and will be returned to them on Saturday.