Beaver Crossing Hit by Reported Tornado Sunday Afternoon

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BEAVER CROSSING, Neb. -- The Beaver Crossing Fire Department along with Nebraska State Patrol Troopers are not allowing people in or out of Beaver Crossing, after a reported tornado hit the community Sunday afternoon.

Fire Chief Scott Petersen, told 10/11 News the only place Sunday night that had power was the fire station.

The reported tornado hit around 5:15 p.m.

Petersen said damage to the town included trees uprooted, homes damaged, power lines down and that was just the beginning.

Crews were hoping to allow people back into the community sometime Monday after crews could restore power to Beaver Crossing.

Kris Kreutzer a Beaver Crossing EMT, rode out the storm in the basement of her home with her dogs and said she heard the tornado hit and knew it wasn't good.

Kreutzer said, "You could just hear the stuff moving in the house on top of us and you didn't know what was going on. It was just so scary, so scary, and all I can say is thank God everybody is OK."

Kreutzer said damage to her home included a shattered glass patio door, large trees all over the yard, a leaking roof and her patio was cracked.

She said she and her husband will spend the night in a hotel, and is thankful no one was hurt in the storm.

Courtesy: Carmen Dyer
Courtesy: Carmen Dyer
Courtesy: Carmen Dyer
Courtesy: Carmen Dyer