Beaver Crossing Residents Upbeat While Recovering from Tornado

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BEAVER CROSSING, Neb. -- Coming together for a Prayer Vigil and Sunday Service, it was a chance for people in Beaver Crossing to be around other people who lost a great deal in last Sunday's EF-3 Tornado and 140 mile per hour winds.

"See other people that are hurting just as bad as ourselves, we think we're the only ones but it was a very uplifting service and gives you the encouragement to move forward," said Beaver Crossing Resident Terry Barth.

"Like the Prayer Vigil and the church service, they got up right away, we have a real strong faith here," said City Administrator Shannon Chesnut.

Inside the United Methodist Church, people chose to sing praise instead of counting their misfortunes. It's signs like this one outside of the church reading, down but not out, that inspired people.

"Reflects the spirit of the community 100 percent right now that we will come back and be stronger than we were before," said Barth.

As the debris continues to pile up, crews have now moved the remains of homes and businesses off of the roadways and are initiating phase two of the clean up process.

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency says more than 700 volunteers were in Beaver Crossing Saturday to help the town's 400 residents pick up.

"We're hitting some hot spots, houses that have a lot more debris than others, at the point where we're getting debris out," said Chesnut.

With another 6 months of clearing debris needed around Beaver Crossing, it'll be the same people praying on Sundays who'll be helping to clear the way the rest of the week.