Beaver Crossing Pushes Forward

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BEAVER CROSSING, Neb.-- Beaver Crossing was hit by a tornado about a month and a half ago. As the community continues to fix its structures, the town treasurer says they're now focusing efforts on making the village even better than it was before.

"We're thinking about doing two ball parks instead of just one so we can have tournaments...upgrading the playground with better gravel...sprinkler systems...little things like that to make it a lot easier and more accommodating for people who come and camp and what not" Shannon Chesnut, said,

Chesnut explained to 10/11 that the town held a meeting to discuss what the "vision" is for the town's renovation, but it is still tough for some of those who've lived there for decades to come to terms with the changes.

Maintenance in the town says that some of the biggest accomplishments are that debris is out of the main roads and roofs are back on most houses. Volunteers continue to come in to help every day from 9 AM to 2 PM.

One of the major changes to the town after the tornado? The loss of trees. The town's maintenance man says that about 1,200 trees had to be knocked down because of the damage during the tornado.

For many in the community, the trees symbolized the history of the town and the hope of people living there. Some of these trees stood in the town for close to two hundred years.

Linda Welch explains that she is distraught knowing the trees are all quickly disappearing. "That was God's gift to me...they were alive they were hope," said Welch.

While Welch understands that there are plans to grow the trees back in the next few years, what saddens her, is that she'll never see those trees - because by the time they grow back, it will be decades from now.

Eric White says he feels the same. "I lived down by the park and I had some of the biggest trees around there, some of them my grandfather planted in the 40's when he bought the place and now every one of them is gone," said White.

The loss of the trees is a big one for Beaver Crossing, a town that had never been hit by a tornado until recently. But staying optimistic is what the town treasurer says is key.

"We're banding together," said Chesnut.