Bed Bug Search Hits Greek Row

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One UNL fraternity is hoping to be bed bug free.

In the past week, the university found four dorm rooms infested with pests. Now, the search spreads to a house on Greek row.

Phi Delta Theta fraternity will be searched tomorrow, but only as a precaution.

No bed bugs: that is what Phi Delta Theta says about recent reports of the pests hitting too close to home.

“As far as we know, we do not have bed bugs,” Phi Delta Theta President Zach Watson said.

But that doesn't mean the rumor mill isn't churning.

It all happened yesterday.

One fraternity member spent the night on a dorm floor known to have the bugs. Now, a few bites and a phone call later and the house faces inspection.

“We have a specialist coming in tomorrow morning to double check and make sure there is nothing wrong and if there is our housing corp. is going to take direct action to get rid of the infestation if there is one,” Watson said.

If there is one: that is the big question.

With all the bed bug buzz on campus, Watson said, at this point, he thinks it is just paranoia.

“He had two bites so it’s not really consistent with what bed bug bites are,” Watson said. “But, he might have gotten bit but there have been no other indications. No one else has been complaining about bites in the house.”

That could be because Greek row is bug free, according to the university.

It is something Phi Delta Theta hopes is still true tomorrow morning following their search.

“All the guys, they didn't know about it. They're hoping we don't have one,” Watson said. “I think we're all hoping that.”

University housing posts updates on the bed bug situation daily.

Today’s update said no new reports of bed bugs since yesterday.

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