Bedbugs Found in UNL Dorm Room

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Bedbugs have been sharing space with two students who live in a dorm room at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Don't let the bed bugs bite. Literally. At UNL, that's the message, after the pesky creatures appear in a dorm.

Bed bugs were found in Abel Hall in a room on the 9th floor.

10/11 spoke with many students Wednesday, some of whom had heard about the bed bugs, but a majority were shocked to find out the news.

Bed bugs.

It's not comforting knowing they're where you live.

Brette Gebers lives in Abel Hall and says, "I just think it's kinda gross if that was my room. But I just think it's weird it's in the same building I live in."

Blake Marmie also lives in the residence hall he tells 10/11l, "Pretty gross."

Mary Leonard adds, "I think it's disgusting and they should probably get it fixed. They told us over Christmas break to take out our dresser drawers because they were going to spray again.

It was after winter break, two students noticed the bugs. The girls reported them to residence hall officials after the bugs bit them.

The bedbugs were found in a cork board.

Lindsey McVay lives in Abel Hall. She says, "I'm grossed out, I hope it doesn't spread."

That's what university officials hope too.

Exterminators have been called in, clothes and bedding have been washed and mattresses exchanged.

Some students are worried school officials haven't told them anything, while others say no news is good news.

Alyssa Brown says, "I feel like it's their responsibility and they should have let the word out."

Marmie adds, "I just saw on the website they're going to heat the room to 130 degrees and that would drive them out, but that's all I've heard."

Lisa Pohlmeier also lives in Abel Hall. She tells 10/11, "It worries me, but it also makes me feel a little bit more comfortable that they're working fast to get the problem resolved, so that they don't freak people out anymore than they need to."

We did try contacting UNL residence hall officials.

They say they have a plan in place, but did not elaborate on what it is.

The Abel Hall dorm is home to hundreds of students, so officials have been taking precautions against the bedbugs spreading elsewhere.

In June bedbugs turned up in a laboratory used as office space by the university's College of Engineering.