Beef & Milk Prices Going Up At the Grocery Store

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As you make your way through the grocery store you'll likely notice prices are going up on many products including beef, bacon, and milk.

"When the wholesale prices are high that gets passed onto the consumer," said Matt Stockton with West Central Research and Extension Center.

Stockton says the price of milk will go up by March.

Some analysts say it could increase as much as 60-cents per gallon.
If that happens, consumers will be paying more for milk than ever before.

Part of the blame goes to cheese!

"The demand for cheese and processing has increased," said Stockton.

Because of short supply, the cost went from $1.80 to $2.36 a block., according to dairy analysts, but if you notice you are shelling out more cash at the register for other items too it's not your imagination.
The government says prices are up 6.4% since 2011.
Chicken is up 18.4%
Ground beef is up 16.8%
And bacon has skyrocketed up 22.8%

"Beef prices, well we are going to see a short inventory of cattle," said Stockton.

The US Dept of Agriculture says beef prices will go up between three and 6-percent in 2014.