Bad News For Grocery Shoppers: Beef Prices on the Rise

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Now that the turkey is put away, it's time to concentrate on another source of protein-- beef.

Prices are on the rise, which causes change for local grocery stores.

Owners of Ideal Grocery on North 27th Street are doing everything they can to keep up with the high prices.

"We are trying to maybe take the hit, in order to keep our prices right where they are," said Rob Toi, part owner and meat manager of Ideal.

"Some of the higher end steaks, the rib-eyes, they don't sell a lot, but we're going into that time of the year."

Unfortunately, he thinks the worst is yet to come.

"Look for more of an increase after the first of the year. The beef prices will go up because of the drought."

Cattle farmer Del Finke also blames the drought.

Like other farmers, he has been forced to sell some of his cattle he would otherwise use for breeding.

"We haven't had a chance with this drought to build that cow herd up. It's always, 'next year, we're going to see that big cow herd expansion," said Finke.

He says the high prices are here to stay.

"Higher prices are here to stay unless we see a collapse in the nations economy."