Benefit for Baby Who Suffered Strokes

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Any time a child gets sick can be a worrisome time for parents, but what if it was more than just the cold or the flu? It was heartwrenching news when the Leu's found out earlier this year that their four-month-old baby had a stroke.

"It's heartbreaking. It's a shock at first. When she had the first stroke, all I could do is cry and cry and cry because you ask, why us? Why my baby?" said Samantha Leu.

Little Alexandria had been battling the influenza when her parents noticed something wasn't quite right.

"I noticed she just wasn't moving her right side at all, like it would just go completely limp," said Samantha.

Tests confirmed that Alex had suffered a stroke, but doctors had even worse news for the Leu's.

"Come to find she has an aneurysm in her brain with a blood clot inside of it," said Alex's father Matthew Leu.

The Leu's spent weeks in and out of hospitals in Grand Island and Omaha as a team of surgeons prepared to clip the aneurysm in Alex's brain. Alex is now back at home recovering, but the experience has been draining on her parents.

"It's not fair, it ain't fair for somebody so little to be going through so much pain. It's like, why can't it be me?" said Matthew.

"You don't want to have to see your baby struggle. Then in the long run you have to think, in the future, is it going to affect her?" added Samantha.

It's been both an emotional and a financial struggle, so friends are holding a fundraiser to help the Leu's with their current and future medical costs.

"So many oh we're thinking about you, sending prayers to you. You know, people we know, work with, people we don't know. It's so humbling. We've said so many times, how can we say thank you, because what does that mean compared to what everybody is doing for us?" Samantha said.

All they hope now is for their baby to grow up healthy.