Bennet Grass Fire Rig Destroyed by Fire

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A fire truck used to fight grass fires was destroyed by fire on July 4th.

After fighting a grass fire near Cheney, a Bennet fire truck burned to the ground, while returning to the station.

According to Chief Dave May, just before it reached the fire station, someone noticed flames coming from the rear of the pickup style truck designed to fight grass fires.

According to May, the back of the rig holds a large water tank, gas driven pump, hoses and other supplies. All of it was burnt or melted from the fire.

Other firefighters were nearby and worked to get the fire under control with rigs from the station, about a block from the fire. By the time they arrived, it was too late to save the 1984 Ford.

May said it was the oldest grass rig in the fleet and the department had recently been turned down after asking for approval for a fourth grass rig. The Bennet department was hoping to get another rig to help with recent increase in grass fires and calls for mutual aid by neighboring agencies.

"Now that we lost this rig, it looks like we will have to get a replacement just to get back to what we had," said May.

May said the grass truck was hauled away where the cause of the fire will be investigated and the insurance company can do their assessment.