Best Buy Issues Statement On Lawsuit Filed In Nebraska

Best Buy says it plans to fight a suit filed against it by the owners of it’s former building.

Lincoln Investors, LLC., filed a suit in May alleging Best Buy owes thousands of dollars in rent and utility bills. The case was moved to the United States District Court this week.

According to the lawsuit, Best Buy entered a written lease in 1994. That lease expired in January 2014, according to the lawsuit. Best Buy would be considered a holdover tenant if the business occupied that property afterward.

Best Buy is now located at the intersection of 70th & O Streets in Lincoln.

In the lawsuit, Lincoln Investors claims the electronic store didn’t fully leave the building until months later. It alleges Best Buy didn’t pay rent for February, March and April totaling $258,375.15.

The suit also says the Defendant didn’t pay gas and electric bills along with taxes and insurance. In all, Lincoln Investors claims it is owed $700,027.04.

Best Buy issued this statement involving the case: "We dispute the claims of the plaintiff regarding both the date the property was vacated and the condition it was in. We vacated the property after opening our new Lincoln location in late January and we completed repairs that were required by the lease. We intend to vigorously defend ourselves against these allegations."