Big Prizes Available in Raffle to Benefit Third City Community Clinic

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Not everyone can afford medical or dental insurance. So where can adults, children, and veterans go when they need help?

The Third City Community Clinic serves thousands of people from Grand Island and surrounding communities every year.

"We're called a temporary solution to healthcare needs but a lot of times it's not just temporary because we have people that come in that will never be able to afford insurance and things like that so they've been coming to us for years, said Susan Aguilar, the Executive Director of the Third City Community Clinic.

While the medical and dental work they do may be free for their patients, it doesn't come cheap to the clinic.
That's why they're hosting their newest and biggest fundraiser ever.

Raffle tickets are being sold for $100 a piece and the Grand Prize is a $15,000 Home Improvement Makeover.

"I'll be providing a design package called box space which is kind of a design package in a box and so it's really the plan that will help the winning participant move forward with their project. There's a lot of details that people don't realize when you get into especially a remodel project and so this kind of helps them keep track of those details and be able to implement at their own pace, on their own schedule," said Melissa Mroczek, the Principle Designer at Space & Place Interiors.

Mroczek said she's involved not just because of what the clinic does, but what studies said her work can do for sick people.

She said, "When you are in a supportive and nurturing environment even down to the types of colors and finishes that are in that environment, it actually helps people heal faster, stay healthier and live more productive lives."

Other prizes include a trip to Las Vegas from the Venitian, a dinner and wine for 6 from Drs. Clark & Wang, a 50" TV from Walmart, a diamond necklace from Riddles Jewelry, and a $300 gift certificate to Slumberland.

All costs for the raffle are covered by sponsors, so all money raised will go entirely to the clinic.

"Our budget this year is around $191,000," said Aguilar. "We are a United Way organization and thank heavens we are because we get help from them. We do not get any federal, state, or city funding so we have to rely on the generosity of the community, fundraisers, what smaller grants I can get, things like that."

The drawing will take place July 18 at the Riverside Golf Club.

The clinic decided to only sell 700 of these raffle tickets and they say they've already sold quite a few of them. But while 700 is the maximum, the clinic said they must sell all of them to continue their work.

Aguilar said, "It would just be something that we need desperately. If we don't reach that amount then maybe some of our projects would have to be curtailed, certainly we're not going to close our doors."

Tickets are available for purchase at Copycat Printing & Signs, Five Points Bank (Broadwell Location), The Independent, or the Third City Community Clinic. Tickets may also be purchased at the clinic's website.

If you would like more information on the clinic or the raffle click the link to the Third City Community Clinic's website, call them at (308) 398-5312 or visit them at 1107 North Broadwell Avenue in Grand Island.