Bill Aims to Give Family Caretakers a Tax Credit

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Lincoln Senator Kate Bolz defended LB 264 at a Revenue Committee Hearing on Friday at the State Capitol in Lincoln. The bill would give a $500 tax credit to families who take care of aging family members in their home.

"Really it's an acknowledgment of the role that families are playing with family loved ones. The baby boom generation continues to have an impact on our state demographics and we need to think forward toward long term solutions. I am very optimistic about this bill. It has gained support for the idea of people recognizing family caregivers," said Bolz.

At the same hearing, Bolz withdrew LB 389. It would have given parents who adopt Foster Care children a tax break. She introduced the bill when a similar credit on the federal level was eliminated in December. It has since been reinstated. In turn Bolz withdrew her bill.