Bill Would Keep Teens Off Tanning Beds

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State senator Jeremy Nordquist has introduced a bill to the legislature that would make it illegal for those under 18 to use a tanning bed. Nordquist says research links tanning bed use in adolescents to increased skin cancer rates.

Dr. Margaret Kontras Sutton from Sutton Ryan Dermatology talks about the dangers of indoor tanning. Here are the questions we asked her on First at Four on Friday:

The Nebraska Medical Association will push lawmakers to restrict or fully ban tanning for those younger than 18. Do you think we, as a state, should regulate indoor tanning use in teens?

Other states have laws for minors when it comes to tanning...Some with a ban under the age of 18 like California. And others need parental permission like Minnesota.

Is it true that those who use tanning beds before the age of 30 increase their lifetime risk of melanoma by 75 percent?

Talk about other options to get that glow, like spray tanning...

On Monday, Monica Parris, owner of Alternative Tan, was on First at Four to talk about what a tanning bed bill would mean for the tanning community. Here are the questions we asked Monica:

You have been in the tanning business for 22 years. You obviously see the benefits to tanning...

What would a bill like this do to your business? Are teens a big tanning group for you?

How do you and other tanning industry owners plan to tackle this bill in the legislature?

Do you see the link between tanning and cancer? There's probably a healthy way to tan. What's your answer, moderation?