Bill To Allow Industrial Hemp Farms Passed in Committee

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- In a 7-0 vote with Sen. Al Davis not voting, the judiciary committee advances Sen. Norm Wallman's priority bill (LB 1001) to allow Nebraska to use industrial hemp as a commodity.

"I'm excited and I think we can work it on the floor and I think it will be good for Nebraska. It's another alternative crop. Now we import some of this stuff from China and we'll just grow it here," said Wallman.

LB 1001 would allow industrial hemp to be planted, grown, harvest and sold in the state.

"I think it can really help small America and that's why I introduced it and hopefully it can help somebody," said Wallman.

If a farmer wants to plant this hemp they would have to pass a criminal history check and pay $150 dollars for a license.

This industrial hemp can only contain less than 1-percent THC.

The next step for this bill is to hit the floor sometime this session to be debated on.