Proposed Bill Would Legalize Hemp Oil In Medical Cases

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Lincoln, Neb. This bill is called Will's Law and it essentially makes hemp oil with less than .3 percent THC legal for the very few cases of kids with forms of epilepsy who have a great physician-patient relationship with an epilepsy specialist.

The bill was introduced by state senator Sue Crawford of Bellevue who met with Shelley and Dominic Gillen and their son Will in her district.

Gillen suffers from seizures that have been resistant to other treatment, but this hemp oil would help him and that's what sparked this bill's creation.

Sen. Crawford's statement on this bill says while research on this oil for these children is still in the early stages, the promising initial results may make the risk of trying this option now a reasonable one for parents under the care of an epilepsy specialist given the terrible seizures that these children suffer and the resistance of some of these strains to medicines and procedures currently available.

Sen. Crawford stresses this bill would only be in medical cases, not for recreational purposes.

The decriminalization for this specific oil does not provide cover for individuals possessing leaf marijuana or smoking marijuana.

The proposed law would give epilepsy specialists in the state access to hemp oil for the care of these patients.

She also says this bill wouldn't force kids who have epilepsy to take this hemp oil, only the option if they would want to take it.