Bill Would Ban School Bus Driver Cell Phone Usage

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Nebraska lawmakers are set to review a proposal that would prohibit school bus drivers from using cell phones while driving.

The Legislature's Transportation and Telecommunications Committee will consider the measure during a hearing on Tuesday.

The bill would prohibit school bus drivers from using any type of interactive, wireless communication device whenever the vehicle is in motion.

"Generally people look at this as being kind of a no-brainer. It makes a lot of sense in the fact that we want to keep people safe," said Bill McCoy, LPS Transportation Director.

LPS already has their own policy in place. Drivers aren't allowed to use cell phones while the bus is moving.

"I believe we've been relatively successful with the rule. Certainly, our expectation for employees is that they be compliant with it. Safe transportation is our number one responsibility," said McCoy.

McCoy says emergency situations are the only exception. LPS drivers are allowed to use their phones to call for help only after the bus is stopped in a safe place.

The prohibition would not apply to a dispatch communication device. The measure was introduced by Sen. Kate Sullivan, of Cedar Rapids.