Bill Would Restrict E-Cigarettes for Minors

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Lincoln, Neb. Nebraska retailers who specialize in e-cigarettes are supporting a bill that would ban minors from using their products.
The bill drew support Monday from store owners in Omaha and Lincoln and the Nebraska Grocery Industry Association.
Tim Bowen, the owner of Plumes, an Omaha e-cigarette store, says e-cigarettes helped him beat his addition to cigarettes. Bowen says his store already prohibits sales to minors, but his clerks catch about four a week trying to buy products.

The bill's introducer, Sen. Russ Karpisek says this is such a new phenomenon for many people, that's probably why there's no laws on it yet in the state.

"I just don't think someone who's 16 years old or 17 years old should be able to get them without some sort of age to do it," said Karpisek.

David Holmquist of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network says research has yet to show whether e-cigarettes pose health risks. Holmquist also raised concerns that e-cigarettes could reverse years of work by advocates to make cigarettes socially unappealing.
E-cigarettes heat liquid and nicotine into a flavored, smokeless vapor.

Karpisek stressed he does not want to add taxes or reduce the amount of flavors of these e-cigs.