Bill Proposes Stricter Penalties for Assaults Against First Responders

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Firefighter Jim Einspahr remembers it like it was yesterday, what started as a 911 call turned into a scary situation.

"A male grabbed a knife from the draw, walked behind and locked the door, locking us in the kitchen area," said Einspahr.

Einspahr says the patient then told first responders it was a ploy, he called them there to harm them.

"He advanced at us with a knife, and we were able to restrain him, hold him down, and get the knife away," said Einspahr.

And to try and stop these situations from happening Senator Steve Lathrop says stricter penalties should be enforced to those who assault EMT’s and Firefighters.

"These folks are called into dangerous circumstances and people need to know that if you assault a firefighter or a paramedic there is going to be more significant consequences," says Senator Lathrop.

In this bill those assault charges would be considered a Felony. Senator Lathrop says these stricter assault charges are already in place for police officers, and this measure would just add first responders to that list.